Conference Report

We’re safely back in Orange after three days in beautiful Camden at the 2016 Conference. Congratulations to the team from Camden and Picton who delivered such an exciting program. Lots to think about as we move forward with preparations for 2017.

Being hosts of the 2017 Conference also gives us a seat on the Management Committee and it’s great to learn more about the Association in this way. Must admit it was a quicker than usual affair on Friday morning as Co-conveners Tony and Gail had other things on their minds (and Clive was pleased that his turn in the spotlight had passed as the treasurer and committee member of the 2015 Conference).

A quick Management Committee meeting before the show began!

We set up stall to showcase the 2017 Conference and were delighted to meet so many of you (and discover a raft of Orange connections). Our apples – locally grown of course – were a huge hit.

Peter, the master in meeting and greeting discussing the attributes of Orange!

If you haven’t already done so Register your interest in joining us next year and remember to Like us on Facebook.



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